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    Extensive Warranty, Standard, Standard Plus and Complete Kits avaialable, Hong Kong's premier Paint Protection Film Specialist

    Customer Testimonials

    Just some of our many satisfied customers.

    Nissan GTR
    "It looks as good today as the day it was fitted..."

    Paintshield is different, it is also a quality product but they care about who fits it and the quality of the final result. They send all their fitters off to train before they are let near a car. They don't allow any cutting on the car, even a tiny speck of dust is enough for rejection.

    The premises are spotless and the staff clearly proud of the great work they do. The cars that were being worked on told the story, beautiful cars with a value (if not the speed) two, three and four times my car's and all being treated to the highest of standards.

    They did such a great job I decided to have the whole car protected. I brought it back a few weeks later and the first thing they did was search it for any sign of a problem with the work they had already done. They found one too! A tiny, tiny little edge showed signs of lifting. I was happy to leave it, in fact I could barely see it. No matter, off it came and the panel was re-done to perfection. I have now done over 8000 miles in the GTR, some on track days and the result is zero stone chips, not a single mark.

    It looks as good today as the day it was fitted.

    Paul - Nissan GTR

    Registered Office:
    Paintshield China Company Limited
    2/F, No. 7 Wang Mau Street, Kowloon Bay, Hong Kong

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