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    A list of frequently asked questions which you may fine useful

    What Is Paint Protection Film?

    Paint Protection Film is a clear polyurethane based film cut to designs produced by our in house design facility These Patterns are produced by our world renowned design teams and are to the highest standards imaginable. This means at NO TIME should a skilled installer of our products ever need to cut on your car. In our six years of operation we have never done it not once.

    Is it car wash Friendly?

    Yes, Paintshield ™ Paint Protection Film is car wash friendly it can be run through a regular car wash or jet washed with ease we do however strongly advise that when jet washing the jet should be kept about 4 feet from the edges of the film as the sheer pressure may cause lifting if one gets too close.

    Will it damage my car?

    No, Paintshield ™ Paint Protection Film, will not damage your car in any way, it is specially constructed to ensure no differential fading will take place and will not harm OEM paint finishes in any way. It can also be applied to smart repairs and resprays however special precautions need to be taken and your distributor will advise on these.

    Is it guaranteed?

    See warranty documentation for terms.

    How do I know it will work?

    Significant test data has been published on the internet demonstrating the resilience of these kinds of products utilising gravelometer tests (throwing stones at high speed at a metal plate). These impressive tests illustrate excellently how your car will be protected from stone chips and other road debris.

    What does it do?

    Paintshield ™ Paint Protection Protection Film provides a non permeable resilient coating to the protected areas, restoring the resilience that used to exist in the older type of car paints and then further enhances this to provide high levels of protection both against stone chips and surface abrasions.

    How easy is it to remove?

    It is extremely simple to remove without leaving any residue if it is removed correctly. Should you need to remove ANY paint protection film, give us a call and we will let you know how to remove the film very simply.

    Where did it come from?

    The film was originally developed, to meet a military requirement for the protection of Helicopter rotor blades, against the erosive effects of sand in desert conditions. You could say the product is "combat proven technology"

    Where is it made?

    The raw materials originate in the United States but the design and production take place in the United Kingdom.

    How long does Installation take?

    Installation time varies according to the levels of coverage you require (From a bumper through to the complete car). If a lengthy install time is envisaged you will be offered a courtesy car (where available)

    Do I need to take special precautions?

    No you can wash it and wax it just like the rest of your car, there are some materials you should beware of as this may damage the top coat of the film, these are detailed in the customer care leaflet.

    What happens if I scratch it?

    With the films we utilise there will be techniques to eliminate any inadvertent scratches and minor damage, we will advise you of which procedure you will require at the time of installation.

    Ok I'm sold where do I get it?

    Click here and fill in the enquiry form.

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    Paintshield China Company Limited
    2/F, No. 7 Wang Mau Street, Kowloon Bay, Hong Kong

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