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    Extensive Warranty, Standard, Standard Plus and Complete Kits avaialable, Hong Kong's premier Paint Protection Film Specialist

    Why Paint Protection Film

    So why should you consider Paint Protection Film on your car?

    There are several rational reasons why you should consider “cosmetic insurance” for your car.

    Firstly the newer water based paints have nothing like the resilience of the older solvent based paints. Previously you could expect 3 to 4 stone chips over the same number of years, now you can get that in a run down to the store.

    Added to that in the UK the roads have (as we all know) been deteriorating for years and routine cleaning to remove debris no longer happens in much of the UK. Couple that with record levels of grit and gravel spread on the roads every winter and the fact that when roads are prepared the chipping's are not pressed into the asphalt any longer (councils use the motorist to press these chipping's down now).

    Gritters in Action
    Gritters in Action

    Added together the end result is potential mass destruction of your cars paintwork, this can not be better illustrated than in this photograph two vx220’s both cars have equivalent mileage, one has our product on (fitted when new) the other does not! Need we say more? Which car would you prefer to be yours?


    The film will more than pay for itself in lack of repair costs alone, not to mention the enhanced residuals when you trade the car in due to it not being either damaged or subjected to a respray.

    Whilst it may not be Science Fiction Force field, nor is it Kevlar it is the only demonstrable means to protect your car for your period of ownership. In fact we are so confident in the efficiency of the Paint Protection films we install we (uniquely in the industry) offer a four year no failure warranty that provides a no failure guarantee simply stating that should something penetrate a Paintshield ™ Paint protection film product and make it to the paint we will replace the film free of charge (collision damage is excluded) download a sample of our warranty HERE.

    Having decided to buy Paint Protection Film, the question then becomes what level of protection to have?

    Well these days clients are spoilt for choice, you can have any level of coverage, from purely a bumper through to an Industry standard kit (part Bonnet and bumper solution), full frontal treatment (full bonnet full wings, bumper etc), external sills or even complete coverage solutions (the whole car). Which of these will be right for you will depend on many variables: Stone chip Damage, Vandalism, Bird lime, and indeed the design of the car itself.

    Our Product offering and design solutions are wholly customer driven, the Blue Diablo shown below was the first full frontal pre-cut paint protection kit produced in Europe and was at the pinnacle of available technology when we became the first organisation of our kind in Europe (and one of the first in the world) to bring these more extensive solutions to the market. Why these solutions were necessary cannot be better illustrated than in this picture of the Porsche also shown below.

    Marked up Stone Chips
    Stone Chips repaired and Protected

    The yellow circles are crayon indicators of the paint damage marked for repair, you can clearly see how far the damage extends up the front of the car. Clearly a standard kit would only be partially effective on this type of car, as damage has occurred beyond where the film would end.

    Whether you use us or not Paint protection film is an essential ingredient in ensuring worry free motoring in today’s conditions, where you do use Paint protection ensure you get the most exhaustive warranties available.

    Happy motoring.

    Paintshield ™ Team

    Registered Office:
    Paintshield China Company Limited
    2/F, No. 7 Wang Mau Street, Kowloon Bay, Hong Kong

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