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    Extensive Warranty, Standard, Standard Plus and Complete Kits avaialable, Hong Kong's premier Paint Protection Film Specialist

    Terms & Conditions

    Our Terms of Business


    Normal booking lead time is a minimum of seven (7) days. Bookings that fall within this time can only be cancelled at our discretion.


    For Bookings made beyond seven days cancellation can be made any time prior to the eighth day without charge. Cancellations within the seven day period will incur (at our discretion) a cancellation fee on a sliding scale. 

    Up to the fourth day prior to installation a 50% charge.

    Cancellation on the fifth day will incur a 75% charge.

    Beyond the fifth day cancellation will incur a 100% charge.

    This is due to the fact that all products are made to order and passed to an installer 3 days maximum prior to install. From 3 days before installation it is highly unlikely we will be able to effectively re-allocate the date to another customer.


    For most undertakings we require a 50% non refundable deposit (may be higher for bespoke works) if reschedule is made beyond the seven day, mark the deposit will be credited to the new date, however if not rescheduled the deposit will not be refunded, and the cancellation charges outlined above will apply.

    Resprayed vehicles

    Although every care will be taken when working on a resprayed vehicle, because we are not in control in any way of the nature and quality of the respray, we cannot accept any liability for the impact on the respray in any way. We do provide a body shop advisory document which if issued to a body shop prior to respray and complied with will to all practical purposes eliminate risk. However no one can ever fully warranty this situation therefore we cannot accept any liability on this issue whatsoever.

    Quality commitment and Environmental Issues

    We are as an organisation totally committed to the quality of delivery on our customers cars, that being said there are certain decisions exercised by the client which WILL have an impact on the quality of delivery (no matter how minor). We recommend strongly that work (especially FULL frontal kits) are done at our facilities. We do accept however, occasionally clients will have the requirement to have the work done at a remote location. Where this occurs as we have no control over that environment it is necessary that clients expect that no matter how stringent our installers may be, some minor defect may occur as a consequence of undertaking the work in an uncontrolled facility. We will not therefore be held liable for defects of an environmental nature under these circumstances (this does not extend to a known installer error). Please bear in mind we are dealing with very large sections of statically charged adhesive transparent plastic.


    We ask that clients deliver the vehicle to us in as clean a manner as possible, where the work is being undertaken at our facilities. We have the means to further clean the car to ensure that the dirt from the travel to us is completely removed and the car is in a suitable condition for fitting to proceed. At a remote location it is likely that we will not have such facilities (or that as a commercial organisation environmental concerns regarding correct disposal of residues can not be complied with) in this eventuality it is WHOLLY the clients responsibility to ensure the car is to an acceptable standard of cleanliness for film to be installed. We cannot be held (and will not accept being) liable for the standard of cleanliness of the vehicle in a remote installation environment.

    Warranty Work

    In the exceptionally unlikely event that a warranty claim is made and we have agreed to undertake the work as being a valid warranty claim, that work must be undertaken within 60 days of the agreement by ourselves being given to proceed. Beyond sixty days from the date of acceptance it will be deemed that the client has accepted the work “AS IS” and the claim will be closed (unless we decide otherwise on a discretionary basis). All Warranty work will be undertaken at our facilities. 

    Film Selection

    Currently we recommend and manufacture our mainstream offering in 3 different brands (and warranty it accordingly), should a customer require another raw material to be fitted we will of course comply, that being said the customer then must take full ownership of this choice and accept that we will not warranty these other raw materials in any way.

    Care and Maintenance

    You will be issued with a set of after care instructions at the time of installation, we anticipate that you will follow our advice contained within and although our paint protection films are the most robust films available and is in terms of our industry a low maintenance product, the long term appearance of the product is greatly enhanced by correct maintenance we may not be held liable for any issues that are a consequence of neglect or failing to comply with our after care instructions. We may decide wholly of our volition to replace where neglect may have caused these issues on a “goodwill” basis.

    Title and Ownership

    Title and ownership in the goods does not pass until such time as our invoices are paid in full.

    Registered Office:
    Paintshield China Company Limited
    2/F, No. 7 Wang Mau Street, Kowloon Bay, Hong Kong

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